Caleffi DISCALSLIM Orientable Deaerator with 3/4″ female threaded fittings 551805

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Caleffi DISCALSLIM Orientable Deaerator with 3/4″ female threaded fittings 551805

  • – Continuously discharge air from climate control circuits
  • – Allows system to operate in optimal conditions
  • – For vertical or horizontal pipes.
  • – Specially suited to under-boiler installation


Caleffi DISCALSLIM Orientable Deaerator with 3/4″ female threaded fittings 551805

The DISCALSLIM® devices can autonomously and continuously discharge the air from climate control circuits, down to the micro-bubble level (slow, continuous degassing). Circulation of fully deaerated water allows the systems to operate in optimal conditions, free from any noise, corrosion, localised overheating or mechanical damage. This particular series of compact degassers is specially suited to under-boiler installation, in the version with either copper pipes (codes 551801 and 551802) or iron pipes (codes 551805 and 551806). The deaerator can be installed with either vertical or horizontal pipes.

Technical Specifications

Body: PPAG40
Float: PP
Float guide and stem: brass EN 12164 CW614N
Float lever and spring: stainless steel EN 10270-3 (AISI 302)
Seals: EPDM
Media: water, non-hazardous glycol solutions
Max. glycol percentage:  30%
Max. operating pressure:  3 bar
Max. discharge pressure:  3 bar
Working temperature range:  0÷110°C

double-cone for Ø 18 mm, Ø 22 mm copper pipe,
3/4″ F (ISO 228-1) and 1″ F (ISO 228-1)


with hygroscopic cap

Operating Principle

The special internal configuration of DISCALSLIM® reduces pressure drops to a minimum. Its internal profile deviates part of the flow into the deaeration chamber. In the chamber, the water is slowed down and broken up by fins in secondary chambers, creating a turbulent flow. The resulting mini-vortices separate the air bubbles from the flow, collecting them in the bottom of the chamber, where they aggregate to form large bubbles, which rise upwards through discharge ducts located at the side of the float.
Once they reach the top of the valve, the aggregated bubbles push the float downwards, thus opening the vent valve and discharging the accumulated air.


The deaerator is made from a technical polymer specifically selected for heating and cooling system applications. The main features of the technopolymer are:

– high strain strength while maintaining good ultimate elongation;
– good resistance to crack propagation;
– very low humidity absorption, for consistent mechanical behaviour;
– high resistance to abrasion caused by continuous medium flow;
– Performance maintained over temperature variation;
– Compatibility with glycols and additives used in circuits.
These basic material characteristics, combined with the appropriate shaping of the most highly stressed areas, enable a comparison with the metals typically used in the construction of deaerators.

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SKU 440231


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