Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves

Unvented Components Europe have a large range of Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves available. Pressure and temperature relief valves are designed to provide protection against over pressurization, which can occur within an unvented hot water system if the input temperature or pressure controls fail. The valves are designed to be fitted to the upper portion of a hot water cylinder as this is where the hottest temperatures in the system will be found. If the system rises above 95°C, the wax mixture within the element of the temperature probe will expand, this will lift the valve off its seat and release water to waste, therefore reducing the pressure within the cylinder. Also if the water pressure increases (without temperature increase) the valve will stay closed until the set pressure of the relief mechanism is reached, at which point the valve will again open and the excess pressure is relieved. Under fault conditions, the pressure and temperature relief valve (P&T or T&P valve) will discharge water to prevent over temperature of the system. The drain pipework from the valve must discharge through a tundish, positioned within 500mm of the pressure and temperature relief valve, to a safe and visible position to alert the householder of a fault condition with the unvented system and prevent damage to the property.~

The drain discharge pipework must comply with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions and the requirement of Building Regulations G3.

The temperature and safety relief valve plays a critical role in the safety of an unvented cylinder system. Failure to install and maintain this element of the system correctly can result in a cylinder exploding and causing a great deal of damage to both property and life. It is advised that all safety control devices are serviced by a suitably qualified engineer on an annual basis

If you are unsure of which valve you require for your water heating system please contact us and our technical team will be happy to assist with your inquiries.

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