Joule Unvented Cylinder Spares

The Joule range of un-vented cylinders are the UK’s fastest growing cylinder brand. Built on quality and performance, with one of the widest ranges of models available you can be sure there is a model to suit. With the introduction of the Energy Related Product certificate scheme under an EU directive, Joule are leading the way by offering a complete range of ERP rated cylinders, we hold B-D rated cylinders as standard stock with the option of A rated cylinders made to your order requirements. The same quality you have been accustomed too is now available across all rated cylinders. The Cyclone is noted for its attractive grey finish. Noticeably there is no cheap plastic used on the outer casing. Inside only the best materials are used, duplex stainless steel body, 316L grade stainless fittings and incoloy immersions.

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