Biasi - Hydras Unvented, Direct, Indirect and Solar Cylinder Spares

Biaso’s Hydras Unvented Cylinders are available in 4 different types that suit all domestic installations including installations of renewable energy systems such as solar panels. They offer a direct range, which heats the water inside via an electric element inside the cylinder and an indirect range which relies on a secondary heat source such as a boiler to heat the water but still has an electric element for back up. They also have Solar Direct and Solar Indirect Cylinder options which allow for connections of solar collectors as another source of heat to the Cylinder. Cylinders are guaranteed for 25 years and accessories are guaranteed for 1 year. There’s a range of sizes to suit all homes, the smallest cylinders being 125 litre and the largest 300 litres. Unvented Cylinders are particularly useful for serving multi bathroom properties where instant hot water is required at improved flow rates. The hydras range of unvented cylinders are compact, affordable and easy to install.

Downloadable PDF Installation and Servicing Manuals can be found below:

Biasi Hydras Installation Manual

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