Advanced Appliances Thermal Store Indirect

The indirect pattern (TSi) Twin Coil with the integrated feed and expansion tank can be sited anywhere in the property.  The lower coil can be connected to a sealed system boiler in a Y plan, thus only one pump is needed. The store remains vented, with the contents of the store used as a medium for heat transfer only.

These replace like for like Boilermate products and Albion Mainsflow Indirect

These low maintenance pre plumbed units provide flow rates up to 30 litres per minute and if linked to the appropriate gas, oil, solid fuel, biomass or other appliance (except Heat Pumps) are suitable for average to larger properties.

The units look smart too, with a wipe-clean white appliance finish, and the insulation is 60mm foam injected for maximum efficiencies.

Stainless steel construction offers a lightweight long life product.  The thermal store carries a 10 year guarantee. The stores meet the HWA specification and the Building Regulations.

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